Department of Production and Control

Technical Project Manager of Iran

Hesam Joneidi has over 25 years of experience in electronics and power industry of Iran. He has worked in various production management and quality control positions. Micro-controllers, solar energy equipment, power supply, control systems, power inverters and welding systems are among his expertise. He is a member of Iran Construction Engineering Organization (IRCEO) and has also acquired the employment license of 3rd degree in the field of electrical facilities of the building.

Email: hesam.joneidi(at)


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SuomIran Oy is a limited liability company which is essentially assisting Finnish companies to establish an enterprise in middle eastern countries especially in Iran with over 80 million population. With our team’s expertise and experience, communication network, language skills, cultural understanding and passion we can create more jobs and add more value to lovely people of Finland and Iran. Iran is the biggest emerging market in the world and there are a lot of investment opportunities  for import and export between these two countries.