About Us

You have a product or service and want to sell it to a big market? Don’t worry, as we are the experts on Finland Iran trade consultancy, we are here to show you how!

SuomIran Oy is a limited liability company which is essentially assisting Finnish companies to establish an enterprise in middle eastern countries especially in Iran with over 80 million population. With our team’s expertise and experience, communication network, language skills, cultural understanding and passion we can create more jobs and add more value to lovely people of Finland and Iran. Iran is the biggest emerging market in the world and there are a lot of investment opportunities for import and export between these two countries.

The good thing is that what Finland excels is a need for Iran. For example, Iran is suffering from many environmental issues in forestry, water resource management, low efficiency irrigation, soil erosion and air pollution in big cities. On the other hand, Finland as a pioneer in innovations in cleantech industry in 2017. But wait! she is also the best in environmental performance index (EPI) in 2016 in the world. Hence, Finland has definite solutions for the above-mentioned challenges.


Our mission is to provide business consultancy for Iran and Finland trade relations to speed up the growth within the entrepreneurship environment of both countries especially in Energy, Environmental and cleantech sectors. You can wet your feet a bit by starting with a small investment. This is a very good starting point to get Finland Iran trade consultancy because after observing its returns you can dive in.

We have delivered several engineering and construction projects with high ROI.

VAT Number: FI27703427

Business ID/Y-tunnus/FO-nummer: 2770342-7